100% royalties from the novel Terre Australe to the victims of the fires in Australia

Throughout the year 2020, Patrick Llewellyn will donate 100% of his royalties from the historical novel Terre Australe to the victims of the dreadful fires in Australia.


The entire royalties, i.e. 2.84 euros per paper book and 2.13 euros per ebook will be donated to three organizations: the Australian Red Cross for families who have lost everything (www.redcross.org.au), the CSF Foundation to support volunteer firefighters (https://cfsfoundation.org.au/) and the Australian WWF for ravaged wildlife (www.wwf.org.au), in liaison with the Australian Embassy in France and the French Embassy in Australia.

The fires

They’re monsters! Living, murdering, invincible. Never before have firefighters had to face such horrors. The average flame is four times higher than in the Amazon. Some were measured 70 meters high at temperatures of 1,000°C: this represents an 6-storey Parisian Haussmann-style building stacked above the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, under the temperature of a steel mill furnace. In France, a major fire covers fifty hectares and is advancing at a rate of 3 km per day. These fires run at 5km/h and have already ravaged 8 million hectares. Imagine a wide band like a Nancy-Strasbourg line that runs down to Lyon via Dijon, completely razed to the ground. Thousands of Australians stuck on the beaches in front of a wall of flames under the atrocious cries of koalas burning brightly on top of the eucalyptus trees. Some could be evacuated by the navy, many had only hope if the flames advanced to throw themselves into the water to save the only thing they had left: their lives. 27 people died, 2,000 homes destroyed. Billions of animals, insects, trees and ecosystems were wiped out. Canberra more polluted than Delhi.

It’s nature’s wrath. That only nature can appease. Man can no more stop these Dantean monsters than a volcanic eruption or a tsunami. Firefighters can only try to save families, to contain what can be contained, to survive themselves – not always. These fires will only calm down when they reach the coast, and when the winter rains fall on them. All that can be done is to help the victims get back on their feet, and unfortunately to prepare for next summer.

Why Terre Australe ?

Terre Australe tells the story of the scientific maritime expedition sent to Australia by Bonaparte in 1800. It is of major importance in Australian history. Since then, the links between our two nations have remained very close. Below are illustrations of wildlife painted by the expedition’s artists, all animals caught in the fires. During his four years of research, Patrick Llewellyn has developed deep ties with the inhabitants of the south of this gigantic country. It seems natural to him to contribute in this way, as he can, to alleviating the consequences of this immense disaster.

The royalties from Terre Australe will help families who have lost everything to rebuild. The literally heroic fire fighters to get back on their feet, especially the families of the injured and dead. The scientists trying to patiently revive the exterminated ecosystems and wildlife. All of them, preparing for next summer. And the summers to come.

From Australia you can download the ebook in french ((€8,99 – around AUD $16,35) on the Fnac website or on Amazon .

Some examples of the wonderful drawings of the fauna of New Holland by Alexandre Lesueur, naturalist painter of the Baudin expedition. All these animals are heavily impacted by the terrible fires of this austral summer.

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