My Biography

Patrick Llewellyn was an international headhunter for fifteen years, in Europe, the United States and China. Passionate about history, one day he discovered a few lines about the Baudin expedition in a book written by the French naval historian Etienne Taillemite.

This is the start of a long quest. Patrick decides to change his life. He settled by the sea in Normandy and began to discover this unknown expedition, and this extraordinary and forgotten man: Nicolas Baudin. For several years, he specialized in the history of the great naval scientific expeditions of the 18th century, the battle of longitudes, and marine chronometers. He helped to organize the exhibition The Art of Science in Australia, dedicated to Captain Baudin’s expedition, by facilitating the loan by the Musée National de la Marine de Paris of one of the only two remaining marine chronometers from the Baudin expedition, and of the large copper plate used to engrave the first complete map of the coasts of Australia in Paris in 1811. He writes the chapter of the catalogue devoted to the Berthoud chronometer. The exhibition travelled through six Australian cities and lasted two years, from 2017 to 2019, and was a great success. Patrick gives numerous conferences in French and English in France and Australia.

At the same time, he is working on the writing of the great trilogy Terre Australe Terra Australis). For four years, he immersed himself in the diaries and sea logbooks of officers and scientists of the simultaneous and competing French and English expeditions of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders, in the French, English and Australian archives, in the work of historians and museum curators. From Le Havre to Perth, from Sydney to Adelaide and all the way to Tasmania, he travelled the places explored by these sailors. Finally, the first volume, Un jour ce sera nous, was released in French in March 2020. It will be published in English in the course of 2020. Volumes 2 and 3 are expected in 2020 and 2021.

Besides that, Patrick is a bon vivant. An amateur cook for twenty years, he spends hours cooking and tending his table. He recently posted a food blog to share his recipes with his friends: In the Kitchen with Patrick. His favourite recipe: pork filet mignons in casserole with prunes in Vouvray, cream and redcurrant jelly sauce. Patrick is also a cinephile with a particular passion for the golden age of the 1950s and 1960s: from Lean to Visconti, from Ford to Mankiewicz, from Audiard to Melville, hardly a week goes by without enjoying one or more of these timeless masterpieces. He is also passionate about opera, worships Mozart, idolizes Vivaldi.