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Bonaparte has been in power for a few weeks. France and England are at war. From the Ile de France, now Mauritius, Surcouf is devastating the business of the East India Company. Despite this, France prides itself on being the republic of scientists, and England is proud not to wage war on science. Therefore, when Bonaparte sends a naval scientific expedition, commanded by Captain Baudin, to explore and map the coasts of the faraway New Holland, the future Australia, England favours this journey. But it does not fail to send its own expedition in pursuit of him, commanded by Captain Matthew Flinders.

The trilogy Terre Australe, of which ” Un jour, ce sera nous ” is the first volume, tells this extraordinary true story: in the Paris of the Directoire and the Consulate, in London, in the Sydney penitentiary colony, in Le Havre, aboard Surcouf’s privateer ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean, spying, boarding enemy ships, a naval adventure, a human adventure, a scientific adventure and an artistic adventure.

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Hamish Macbeth

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100% royalties from the novel Terre Australe to the victims of the fires in Australia
100% royalties from the novel Terre Australe to the victims of the fires in Australia

Throughout the year 2020, Patrick Llewellyn will donate 100% of his royalties from the historical novel Terre Australe to the victims of the dreadful fires in Australia. Beneficiaries The entire royalties, i.e. 2.84 euros per paper book and 2.13 euros per ebook will be donated to three organizations: the Australian Red Cross for families who

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The trailer of Terre Australe
The trailer of Terre Australe

I proudly invite you to discover the trailer (in French) of my novel Terre Australe. It was created by Kim Nguyên-Duy with the help of Fanny Cairon. I think they did such an excellent job. What do you think?

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Falco, by Arturo Perez-Reverte
Falco, by Arturo Perez-Reverte

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Readers' reviews

Excellent novel! When will we read the sequel?

Jean-Yves, Administrator National Maritime Museum,Brest

I was impressed above all by the enormity of the work required for Terre australe, "as a connoisseur" since I am a historian myself, but also of course for its interest and attractiveness to the cultivated public at large. I wish the work all the success it deserves and look forward to its continuation!

Louis, diplomat, PhD in history,Paris

(...) The scientific adventure of Nicolas Baudin and his companions is exceptional. The scientific contribution of the expedition was immense and significantly developed Western knowledge of the world's fauna and flora.

This first volume describes well the atmosphere of preparation for the expedition and the excitement of these explorers who were destined to live a fabulous adventure.

Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, Mayor of Le Havre,Le Havre

Despite a busy day, I had the pleasure (and it was) of reading a little bit of Terre Australe. (...) I really like your work; you've joined the ranks of authors like Mary Renault and CS Forester, not to mention Patrick O'Brian.

Nicholas,Bushmills, Ireland

(...) This book is very well documented. The author has a specialised knowledge of 18th century ships. The whole novel is an exciting manual for preparing for a scientific expedition to the far side of the world during Bonaparte's time. Everything is there, with a lot of humour to avoid being too boring. The evocation of Mauritius is a real pleasure.


(...) First of all, I found that the manner and the narrative voice were perfectly suited to the subject and the time. The evocation of Paris of those years, the life on board the ships, the interspersed stories of Surcouf and Baudin... all this is told with eloquence. And what a fabulous vocabulary!

John,Adelaide, Australie du Sud

A marine novel that reminds us of Patrick O'Brian's inspiration. Multiple characters, and very well portrayed: Baudin, Surcouf, Jussieu and many others. An obviously in-depth historical research. The scene of Surcouf boarding the Kent in the middle of the Indian Ocean is incredible. A real great adventure novel.

Marie,Le Havre